We are offering high quality Voltage Testing Equipment, Voltage Tester etc.


We are offering high quality Voltage Testing Equipment, Voltage Tester etc.

About Us
Jupiter Instruments India
has advanced HVDC/AC test sets designed to the high performance level the company is supplying today. Charanjeet Singh, the founder, has been developing the company's core technology since 1963. The company continues to design and manufacture new HVDC test set, AC conventional discharge free test sets, phase to phase DC test sets, combine AC/DC Test sets, 0.1 Hz VLF AC test, HV filter, potential divider, dividers, discharge rods, live wire readers/testers, HV floating meter and custom designed test sets.

Research & Development
Jupiter Instruments India has a dedicated research and development center that continues to create innovative new products aimed to make technology more useful to our customers in the arena of power generation, power transmission, distribution power grids and other utilities.

The company combines internal development with strategic alliances and marketing arrangements from sources outside the company and around the nation.

The company is located in New Delhi with covered area of around 8000 sq. ft. where products are fabricated, assembled and tested. The company also provides outdoor testing with own manufactured 0.1 Hz VLF AC test, DC test and conventional AC test set as required by the customer.

Jupiter Instruments Customers
Jupiter Instruments Customers come from all over India. They include BHEL, NTPC, DVB, POWERGRID CORP. OF INDIA, STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD OF INDIA, BSES, NDPL, SIEMENS, DEFENCE SERVICES IF INDIA, L&T, NDMC, NPL, WATER WORKS and the big manufacturers of HV Cables.

New Development
The company takes pride to develop and manufacture 0.1 Hz VLF AC test kit in Asia for insulation testing technology up to 120KV in different models. The technology is already adopted worldwide and approved by IEEE.

The company has also developed DC high pot kits with built in meggers (5/10 KV) for the first time in the country.

The employees and the management of the company are committed to perform all activities with dedication to quality and strive to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality, most reliable and safe products.

Quality at Jupiter Instruments India is the top priority. The entire organization is committed to create an environment that encourages individual excellence and personal commitment to quality in work as well as in personal life. It is emphasized that "Quality is everyone's job" and all must strive to "do it right the every time".

Product Range
Our product range includes:
  • HV AC/DC test sets
  • High Voltage Test Set
  • AC High Voltage Test Set
  • 0.1 Hz VLF testing sets
  • Hot line phasing & test roads (static)
  • Electric & electronic quality control instruments
  • HV measurements dividers (capacitive & potential)
  • HV AC/DC accessories
  • Live wire neon indicators.
Some services are also provided by Jupiter Instruments. They are:
  • Electric & electronic instruments
  • Field testing of HV & EHV electric installations.
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